Start Date: 23 March 2018   |   Last Date: 23 March 2018   |   Time: -
Location: Srinagar, J&K

Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation and Chief Spokesperson Association of Peoples of Asia) has greeted people on the 806th annual Urs of Hazrat Sheikh Khwaja Syed Moinuddin Hassan Chisti (RA) also known as Gharib Nawaz (Benefactor of the poor)

Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that Gharib Nawaz(RA) was one of the most outstanding saints of the Indian subcontinent, and indeed an international spiritual inspiration who lived during the 6th Century AH (12th Century AD). He introduced and established the Chisti order in South Asia and significantly contributed to the spreading of Islam there.

While throwing some light on the personality Bhat said Khwaja Garib Nawaz(RA) had a forgiving nature and showed love, regard, and respect to all, irrespective of caste, creed, colour and religion. He was a man of generous disposition, taking pleasure in helping the poor and the needy and likewise he is a source of insipration for the entire humanity.

Bhat also added that the message of tolerance, peace, devoutness and hospitality that we acquire through the significant character of Khwaja Gareeb Nawaaz (RA) is the thing we need to bring and try to inculcate in us.

Bhat prayed that this URs brings along blessings of Peace, Prosperity and wellbeing for the people across.

Media Secretary