Start Date: 5 February 2018   |   Last Date: 5 February 2018   |   Time: -
Location: J&K

Fayaz Ahmad Bhat (Chairman Jammu and Kashmir Peace Foundation and Chief Spokesperson Association of People’s of Asia) today strongly condemned the firing incident at LOC; causing destruction and killing of innocents.

Fayaz Ahmad Bhat said that the brutal firing at the border always creates destruction and kill the innocent people and the both sides have to face bloodshed and unfortunately the innocent are falling the prey of the aggression.

Bhat also added that there is a dire need of dialogue talks between the two neighbouring countries. Because every issue we want to solve we have to talk. There is need of bilateral talk at any type of problem, we want to solve.We have to solve issues like infiltration and the fighting issues which are arising in the present scenario. We don’t want the fight and cant afford the loss of the innocent people who are being sandwiched between the two.

He said its better to continue the peace talks between the two neighbouring countries. As we are still developing country, we have so many issues like corruption, poverty, etc and for the country to develop and become a super power, it must have good relations with its neighboring countries.

While rounding up Bhat said that we have to stop this bloodshed of the innocent people because no one wants the destruction and killing, be it a Pakistani or an Indian. He stressed for solving the problem through talks and resolving in a systematic manner and peace, brotherhood and prosperity should be our ultimate aim.

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